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Fly Fishing Schools

Cascade Guides Fly Fishing Central OregonCascade Guides & Outfitters’ Fly Fishing Schools welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful fishing opportunities in Central Oregon. Whether you are just getting started or have many hours on the water, we have courses to take your skills to the next level. We offer two standard classes and private lessons.

  1. Flyfishing 101 – our entry level class for all ages, recommended for those that have at least one fly fishing experience and wish to learn more of the basics.
  2. Introductory Fly Casting – includes basic casting technique and is great for families, groups, and individuals of all ages.
  3. Private Lessons – scheduled to fit your schedule and needs.

The Hook Fly Shop and our Fly Fishing School are located in the resort community of Sunriver, Oregon. We are staffed with a select group of professional guides and instructors who understand their responsibility to provide you with an experience that is educational and enjoyable.  Being in business for over 25 years in Sunriver, we can assure our guests that we meet the most rigorous standards in the fly fishing industry and use top of the line equipment.

Fly Fishing 101

Cascade Guides Fly Fishing Central OregonThis “How-To …On-The-Water” school has been designed specifically for anglers just starting and who have been fly fishing at least once, enjoyed the experience and wish to learn or re-learn the basics. The emphasis is on learning, not catching fish (but we always do).  We strongly recommend this clinic for all beginning anglers.

In the classroom portion you will be instructed on the safe wading procedures, entomology, reading the water, stream etiquette, practical and proper casting techniques. In addition we will teach line management, fly selection and most importantly how to relax and enjoy your fly-fishing experience.

Our instructors will escort you to the river and assist you in: “wadering up”, proper assembly of your fly rod, rigging your fly rod with line and necessary terminal tackle. After successful completion, our students are prepared to go out and fish on their own, or utilize one of our professional guides on a full or half day trip.

Classes are offered as 1/2 day or full day. Families are welcome and encouraged; the recommended minimum age for children is 10 years old.  All the necessary equipment is provided along with lunch on the full day class.

Introductory Fly CastingCascade Guides Fly Fishing Central Oregon

We offer a very basic, relaxed 1.5 hour casting class that is fun for the whole family.  This class is designed to introduce beginners to the basics of fly casting and take the mystic out of the sport.  Join us for this enjoyable learning opportunity and begin to grow your confidence in the sport of fly fishing.

Cascade Guides Fly Fishing Central Oregon

For more information on classes please call us. 1-888-230-4665; 1-541- 593-2358.

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